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South Carolina Pest Prevention - Fall & Winter

Scared by_Bug_in_KitchenWhen the fall temperatures turn cooler, many pests decide the comfort of your warmer home is just the ideal place for them to reside for the winter. Whether they are elm leaf beetles, cluster flies, multicolored Asian lady beetles, ants or spiders, the winged and crawling creatures are not welcome in most homes or businesses. That also applies to the four legged pests such as field miceā€”the expert invaders who can slip through the smallest of openings. Eliminating these pests can turn into a chore at times for most homeowners who are ill-equipped to perform a search and destroy mission. It is much better to stop them from entering in the first place and work on pest prevention for fall/winter in South Carolina.

Different types of South Carolina pests may be more prevalent during fall and winter in some years than others. This is because the summer weather affects their breeding according to the temperature, rainfall and humidity. No matter what type of pest is invading in any particular year, however, everyone just wants them eliminated as soon as possible. Since it is easier to prevent their entrance than to control them once they are inside, it is important to take steps to keep them out during any time of the year.

Pest prevention methods

The first step is to assess the entire house or commercial building and outside area to determine possible points of entry and anything that may be attractive to insects or rodents. Look for cracks and gaps around doors, windows, roofs, eaves and siding. Fill all cracks and crevices with caulking compound, foam weather stripping or insulation. For larger holes or areas where rodents have already chewed an entryway, cover the hole with sheets of metal, fasten securely and caulk around the edges. Mice can chew through just about any substance except metal.

Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so branches do not touch the home or building. Be sure all outdoor areas are free from discarded items such as household clutter or construction materials. Food scraps and other garbage should always be placed in a dumpster or garbage cans with tight fitting lids.

If pest prevention for fall/winter in South Carolina should fail and pests manage to move indoors, it is important to contact professional exterminators promptly. We will send trained technicians who have the expertise to assess the situation and eliminate any type of insect or rodent safely and quickly without harm to humans or pets. In addition, we have access to commercial strength insecticides that are not usually available to property owners. Contact Titan Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate today.

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