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American Roach_-_4South Carolina household pests include all types of rodents and insects, but bed bugs, cockroaches and termites can be especially troublesome in the hot, humid atmosphere of the state. Clemson pest control services can help to identify, kill and prevent bugs from becoming dangerous and expensive infestations. One female cockroach can breed up to one million descendants in just a year, and any home or business could easily get a pregnant female roach or termite scouting for a suitable nesting area.

Why People Use Professional Pest Control Services

Cockroaches have survived since the time of the dinosaurs, and more than 70 species are common in the United States. South Carolina's warm year-round weather provides no season when infestations retreat and die naturally. These pests can cause allergies, contaminate food and spread bacteria and pathogens. Facts about South Carolina's cockroaches include:
  • Six types of cockroaches are common in the Clemson area including the brown cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, American cockroach, smoky-brown cockroach and brown-banded cockroach.
  • Cockroaches can live up to a month without food and up to two weeks without water.
  • These insects can run up to three miles per hour to avoid detection.
  • After one mating, some females stay pregnant for life.
Controlling such resourceful pests takes an equally resourceful pest control company. In the Clemson area, Titan Termite and Pest Control understands how to get control of bed bugs, termites, cockroaches and other common pests with custom maintenance plans to prevent infestations or reinfestations.

Choosing a Pest Control Company

Too many families and businesses feel unjustified shame when they get insect infestations, but every home and structure in the Clemson area is vulnerable. Treating a pest problem yourself could result in overlooked nests and colonies that breed rapidly. Termites cause expensive structural damage, and bed bugs bite and suck blood from humans and animals causing rashes, blisters, allergic reactions and severe itching. These pests can live and breed anywhere in your home but most commonly nest in beds, upholstered furniture and textiles.
Contact Titan Termite and Pest Control for a free estimate for inspections and treatments of cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and other pests for residential, industrial and commercial customers. The company offers inspections, maintenance plans, preventive barriers and local exterminating expertise refined by three generations of service. Each type of insect in the Clemson area could cause health risks for families, rashes and skin irritations or structural damage totaling tens of thousands of dollars. This family-owned pest control company is licensed, bonded, experienced and qualified to treat homes and businesses anywhere in South Carolina. Services include inspections, preventive treatment, ant control, flea extermination, bed bug control and cockroach inspections, treatments and preventive maintenance.

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Our technicians create customized treatment plans and maintenance programs for each and every customer. We will take the time to make sure you understand our treatment plan and are completely satisfied with the results.

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