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Pest Control Services in Charleston, SC

The best type of pest control is prevention. By mowing the lawn and removing water sources, homeowners can prevent mosquitoes and other pests from taking over. As the weather heats up, Charleston residents will need more pest control measures in place to prevent their homes from being overrun by unwanted visitors. Getting pest control services can help to protect your home from an infestation.

Watch Out for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Often, homes end up infested after the homeowner goes on vacation. Luggage, clothes and people can carry bed bugs from the hotel back to their home. While washing clothes in hot water and wrapping luggage can help, it will not always prevent bed bugs from returning home with you. If you see blood smears or dark spots on your bed, then you may be infested. The only way to get rid of these creatures is to treat the entire house, and this treatment must be done by pest control experts.

Preventing Cockroaches

In warm climates like South Carolina, cockroaches can quickly take hold. These fast-moving insects are extremely good at slipping through narrow cracks. If you see one cockroach, there are a hundred more lurking inside of your home. A single female can hatch 150 nymphs, so a single cockroach can quickly become a large-scale infestation. Since cockroaches are a health hazard, it is important to use more than just simple foggers to get rid of them.

Stop Ants From Ruining Your Picnic

The warm weather in South Carolina makes it easy for ants to thrive. Ants are extremely small, so they can easily slip inside the home. Installing weather stripping and using sealed food containers can prevent ants from living in your home. While these measures can help, ants can live on almost any type of food. In addition, the ants leave a pheromone trail back to the nest. If you treat only the ants that are in your home, the rest of the nest will still follow the trail of pheromones to your house.

Be Wary of Fleas

While you may love being outdoors, a few fleas can ruin your day. From a handful of fleas, an infestation can start in just a few weeks. Flea collars, bug bombs, vacuuming and flea shampoos can help control the problem temporarily. If you have pets, over-the-counter flea control techniques may not be enough. Specialists can help decide if your fleas can be removed through over-the-counter products or if you need specialized treatment.

With the humidity, vegetation and warm weather, pests are a common problem in South Carolina. If you need help removing pests from your home, we can help. Call or e-mail us at Titan Termite and Pest Control for all of your pest-related needs.

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